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Memorial Day!


I love to help people keep the best memories for great moments.

Art photography for all occasions!


I love to eternalize great moments!


My Happy Clients!

Demétrius and his team recorded some of the most memorable moments for us: our wedding and our daughter’s 15th birthday. Professionals of excellence that we have the joy of choosing to leave forever recorded unique moments in our lives. Thanks for everything !

Rodrigo Costa

I definitely recommend 🥰. I know them since they started in Brazil a long time ago, and now they are expanding their job here in US. They are very professional, creative, clever and committed to please their clients. I will get marriage by the end of the year and I hired them to do my pre-wedding and wedding pictures.

Andrea Neves

I’ve used 2B Studios services twice already, and I simply LOVE them! They have great customer service, and they really care about your opinion. They’ made sure I got the shots I wanted. And even if you don’t know how to pose, they’ll make it work! They made me feel really comfortable, and I love the results!​​

Paula Nogueira

Excellent photographer and professional! Simply perfect! Polite, kind and considerate. It has a differentiated service and is always well with life. It was a dream come true for you recording one of the most important moments of my life. Thank you! Success!

Fabiane Peres

I got married in 2013 in Brazil !! I was very nervous on the day and the staff made me very comfortable! The photos were beautiful! Loved the work and super indicate !​

Ana Borges

I was 100% satisfied! 2B Art Studio has been recording all the most important moments of my life, my 15th birthday party, my wedding and my pregnant photo shoot! This company always positively surprises me with its quality, creativity and commitment!

Gisele Neves

Area of Expertise!

creative photography project is a great way to be creative.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to see and actively participate in all the technological innovations we have today, and this made me more accomplished, as I can now take photos that at that time would be impossible with the equipment we had.

I have a passion for what I do and 30 years photographing, never lost the desire to do life!!! I always want to be ahead of events, challenges, and see the first images on my camera!!

I am a discreet person, knowledgeable of my work, and I realize when I see my client confident and quiet while working. For me, this is one of the most important parts of the success of my work: Trust!!!

I've worked over 30 years and I’m still sweating and tense inside!!!

Our photographers will make sure every moment of your next event is expertly captured. Every image will be of the highest quality and professional standard. 

Each event is different and I always want to give my clients the best of myself.

All are challenges, and when they are ” simple ”, these become the hardest to do, as I have to make a difference and always surprise my client with a photographic vision that will show everything to him in a different way.


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